We’re Traveling…Again

We’ve had some changes in leadership in our adoption agency and communication hasn’t been great. (Ok, actually, it has been really bad.) Last week we found out that our case was submitted to court. We were waiting to receive a date for us to appear before the judge. With all the craziness on the US side concerning our agency, we decided to talk directly to someone in Ethiopia. We got a response saying we were schedule to be in court June 13. Yep, that is one week from today.

Since Rachel’s graduation is Sunday evening, we knew there was NO WAY we could make that date. So we asked if court could be moved back one week. That would make it, June 20. (Which happens to be our 20th anniversary!)

We found out that the MOWA letter for H has already been approved and sent to the judge (that is the letter that was missing from K and A’s file/case). That is great news! We are hoping to hear the judge tell us that H is our daughter!

We will be leaving 4 precious girls in China. They will do great, I know, but please pray for them while we are gone. Pray for peace in their dealings with each other, energy to complete their additional tasks (working at Gina’s and at home), and a special time of making sweet memories together.

We hope to get confirmation today on our new court date and then we will book our tickets. I can’t wait to be back in Africa!


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