Rachel’s Graduation

Rachel graduated from Far East Academy on June 10, 2012. We were able to host the event at Gina’s, again. It has become a local homeschool tradition and Rachel couldn’t imagine graduation happening any other place. Our great friends (and neighbors) had a daughter, Olivia, finishing 8th grade. We are blessed by an awesome circle of friends here in Yanji. They helped with food, decorations, clean-up, and in so many other ways.

Getting ready…cutting, folding, decorating…

wpid-dsc_3169-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg wpid-dsc_3170-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg

wpid-dsc_3171-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg wpid-dsc_3264-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg

Friends Abound…

wpid-dsc_3198-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg wpid-dsc_3195-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg
wpid-dsc_3193-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg wpid-dsc_3221-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg
wpid-dsc_3201-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg wpid-dsc_3199-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg
wpid-dsc_3272-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg wpid-dsc_3177-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg
wpid-dsc_3189-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg wpid-dsc_3200-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg

The girls present “If My People Pray”….

wpid-dsc_3229-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg wpid-dsc_3233-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg

Speeches and Presentations…

wpid-dsc_3225-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg wpid-dsc_3236-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg
wpid-dsc_3246-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg wpid-dsc_3250-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg

Praying for the Graduates and those heading to college…

wpid-dsc_3257-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg wpid-dsc_3263-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg

Celebration . . .

wpid-dsc_3252-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg wpid-dsc_3191-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg
wpid-dsc_3265-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg wpid-dsc_3266-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg
wpid-dsc_3175-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg wpid-dsc_3174-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg
wpid-dsc_3240-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg wpid-dsc_3209-wm-2012-07-2-17-58.jpg

A video we showed during the ceremony…

Our Beautiful Baby Girl from David Etter on Vimeo.

~ Regina

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