Ethiopia: Daddy’s Little Girl

Hanissa loves David. I mean she L.O.V.E.S. him. It was fun to watch her pour out sweet affection on her Daddy.

Our second day in Addis Ababa, David decided he needed a little nap. Hanissa and I left the guesthouse and went downstairs to see her friends. She wasn’t distracted for long. Soon she was asking for Daddy.

We went back upstairs for a snack of crackers and apple juice but she wouldn’t touch it, until she had seen her Daddy. (And she really, really likes apple juice.) We peeked through the door and Hanissa pointed and whispered, “Daddy!” David opened one eye and smiled at us which pretty much finished his nap. He sealed his own fate when he invited Hanissa to join him on the bed while he rested.


Lying on the bed next to David, she quietly open and closed a plastic Chinese fan we had brought for her. Hanissa would open the fan and then wave it back and forth trying to cool off Daddy while he “slept.” I’m not sure how many times the fan hit David’s face instead of the air above him.

Soon, Hanissa was rolling over David to get to the other side of the bed, all the while singing to herself and smiling. The two of them were hilarious to watch. I remember similar moments of Father/daughter time when our older four were little.


That beautiful moment cemented David and Hanissa’s relationship and she gained the title “Daddy’s Girl.” All because of a missed nap…

wpid-img_2562-wm-2012-07-9-15-44.jpg wpid-img_2563-wm-2012-07-9-15-44.jpg

wpid-dsc_3533-wm-2012-07-9-15-44.jpg wpid-dsc_3572-wm-2012-07-9-15-44.jpg

~ Regina

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2 Responses to Ethiopia: Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. dc says:

    Ah, soo cute! I am so happy for the little girl to have new parents and for you to have another daughter! Blessings so visible! Beautiful!


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