Ethiopia: Out and About in Addis


Did you know….

*Many Ethiopians claim to be descendants of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba?

*Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee.

*Many believe the Ark of the Covenant is hidden away in the old capital, Askum.

*Addis is about 8,000 miles above sea level.

*Parents and children do not share last names. The father’s first name is used as the last name of his children. (On Hanissa’s passport her name will be Hanissa David Etter.)

*Fingers, not forks, are used to eat traditional Ethiopian food.

*There are 13 months on the Ethiopian calendar.

There are some other interesting (and endearing) facts that didn’t quite make it to the tour books.

Did you know…

*Cows and goats (and other animals) are often herded across streets regardless of traffic.


wpid-img_24942-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg wpid-dsc_3686-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg

wpid-img_24922-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg wpid-img_24632-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg

*Most homes are surrounded by stone or tin walls.

wpid-img_25072-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg wpid-img_2648-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg
wpid-img_2650-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg wpid-dsc_3742-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg

*Traditional and modern life walk hand in hand (and often side by side) in Addis.

wpid-dsc_3717-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg wpid-dsc_3712-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg

wpid-dsc_3700-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg wpid-img_2491-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg

wpid-img_24152-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg wpid-img_24742-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg

*Dress is usually conservative with both Orthodox and Muslim women wearing head coverings. There are times when Protestant women also wear a covering.

wpid-img_24732-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg wpid-dsc_3699-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg

*Everyone we met was friendly. Shop keepers, laborers, people on the street. One family invited us into their home and shared coffee with us.


wpid-img_2643-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg wpid-img_24762-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg

*Many menus have fasting meals which means without meat.

wpid-img_2490-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg wpid-img_24062-wm-2012-07-9-16-39.jpg

There is still so much to see and learn about Hanissa’s homeland. One day we hope to visit her home town and other cities in Ethiopia.

~ Regina

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2 Responses to Ethiopia: Out and About in Addis

  1. A little known fact…when I was young…I believed I would spend my adult life in Ethiopia. Would love to visit one day.


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