Ethiopia: The Orphanage


The entrance to Kidane Mihret Orphanage and School.

This orphanage houses about 150 kids from tiny babies to teenagers. Local children attend the school along with the KM school-age kids. The compound includes a convent, school, orphanage, play area, small barn for cows, a church, parking area, and more.

wpid-img_237221-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg wpid-img_23822-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg
wpid-img_2596-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg wpid-img_2364-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg

wpid-img_23873-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg wpid-img_2408-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg

The kids were wonderful. Great big smiles and even bigger hugs. The preschoolers wanted to be held. And, we couldn’t possibly resist for long. We took turns in the baby room as well, feeding and holding sweet ones.
wpid-img_24061-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg wpid-img_24011-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg

wpid-img_2532-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg wpid-img_2565-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg

wpid-img_2589-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg wpid-img_2595-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg


The older girls help take care of the younger children. They help cook, clean, and play with the kids. They make the younger ones feel very loved.


Some of the older girls have “aged out.” They are no longer available for adoption. The girls above are so precious and my heart broke for them. The one in orange is just a few months older than Rachel. Even with the hardships in their life, they are content.

wpid-img_2614-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg wpid-dsc_3537-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg

wpid-img_24651-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg wpid-img_2389-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg

wpid-img_23831-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg wpid-dsc_3550-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg

wpid-img_2428-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg wpid-img_243021-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg

Just like last time, the girls tried to braid my hair. They just couldn’t understand why my hair wouldn’t hold the braids and twists. So cute!


wpid-img_2572-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg wpid-img_24041-wm-2012-07-9-18-48.jpg

I came back with so many stories about the children. Ours girls all asked the same question, “Ok, mom, who and when are we going to adopt next time?” I love their willing hearts, but we will wait and see where our Father leads.


The girls above made bracelets for us and gave them to us the night we left. One for me, one for David, and one for Rachel, so she would know there are girls her age in Ethiopia who care about her. Amazing.

~ Regina

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