Waiting for Embassy

Waiting…it is a part of life. Throw adoption into the mix and waiting multiplies. Here we are once again, but exciting things are happening.

Before we can bring H home, everything must be submitted and approved by the US Embassy in Addis.

Before our case can be submitted to the Embassy, the following documents must be gathered and translated.

  1. Court Decree – our agency received this last week
  2. Birth Certificate – we received our copy via email this morning
  3. Ethiopian Passport – waiting…
  4. Medical Clearance – waiting…

Each step must be finished before the next can be started. So we are halfway finished with the paperwork needed to have our case submitted to the embassy. It is pretty exciting! If any of the dates, names, or information doesn’t match on all documents (including translated police reports), it will need to be redone and resubmitted. (It is quite a task to get everything matched up, just in case your curious.)

On the Embassy website it says parents should allow 5 business days for the case to be screened (looking for errors in the documents). Then comes another wait. According to the Embassy:

        There is no set time line for completion of the I-604 process (that’s the Embassy’s part of finalizing our adoption).  Families should expect it to take anywhere from several days to several months, depending on the quality of case and evidence submitted by the adoption agency.

Late August, September, maybe October…we will be heading back to Ethiopia to pick up Hanissa. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted. And until then, we will enjoy life during the wait.

~ Regina

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