Char, a local favorite

You can buy it on the street or go to a popular restaurant. Lamb on a stick, known to most as kabobs, is one of our favorite local foods.


Hot coals are placed in the center of the table.


Next comes the meat. We love the lamb so of course that’s the first thing always ordered. At this meal, we decided to mix it up some and order some of the spicy lamb as well. We didn’t know spicy meant red hot peppers and numbing sauce…need I say more? And just so you know, numbing sauce only numbs long enough for you to swallow and then the burns for a long time. Not my favorite so after one taste, I avoided that tray of meat.



And here’s the beef…


And one of my favorites, mushrooms wrapped in bacon. Yum!


Add a little rice, some veggies, and don’t forget the boiled quail eggs.



It all adds up to a wonderful family dinner with no room left for dessert…Ok, Torie, maybe there’s room for ice-cream.



~ Regina

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