Embassy Appointment Verified

All paperwork for our Chinese visa is now in the right hands. We should get everything (passports) back soon. Which is a really good thing since we got confirmation on our Embassy Appointment in Ethiopia. Yes, we are scheduled to be at the American Embassy on October 1. I’m so excited…

We will arrive in Addis and pick up Hanissa as soon as possible. On Monday, the three of us will set out for the Embassy appointment.

After the appointment, we get to hang around town with Hanissa. It is the rainy season so not sure what all we will get to do. We are staying within walking distance to the orphanage, so I’m sure we will visit often. H will probably need the connection with those she knows well. There is a zoo, a playground, and some other places that we will try to check out (If H is up to it) while we wait for the visas to be processed.

We hope to be back home around the 8th or the 9th. So much to do between now and then. Thank you so much for the constant prayers you’ve said on our behalf. We feel so blessed by the family and friends we have been given.

~ Regina

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