First Day at the Gym

S, one of our employees, took David to the gym today. First time in a gym in years. Here’s the story according to David (well, there may be a few slight embellishments or variations from the original):

We started on a treadmill. S jogged 3 km. I jogged 1.2 km. Pretty sure my machine had a malfunction.

Just then, a loud sound from another room alerted S that a Spinning Class was about to start.

S asked, “How about if we go do the bicycle for about 20 minutes?”

“Bicycle? Sure I can do that,” I replied happy to move on to something else. I ride bikes, sometimes. I could handle this.

We get into the room and I notice that everyone is busy tightening up their bikes to get a better workout. I’m no dummy. I immediately loosen mine. Then I notice that all the seats are low. Really low.

I lean over to S, “You probably should raise your seat.”

S looked at me, smiled, and said, “No, you don’t sit down in this class.”

Now, I was worried. Did he expect me to stand and pedal for 20 minutes? I raised my seat. Again, I’m no dummy.

Just then loud, fast music started playing. And we were off. A crazy man in the front of the room started yelling out commands in Chinese and demonstrating bizarre acrobatic feats … on a bike. All around the room, arms were flying up and down, bodies were twisting, feet were pedaling, hearts were pumping. Five minutes into this aerobic cycling, I was glad I had put up my seat.

As I collapsed onto the seat, the tempo increased. The man in the front continued calling out in time with the music. Every one in the room tried to match his new speed. But that wasn’t good enough for the madman up front. He turned it up another notch. Faster and faster we went. Now he was shooting words out at us. I doubt I would have known what he was saying if he had been speaking English. I gave up on the Chinese.

When S looked over at me later, I must have looked bad because he suggested we move on to something else. I climbed off the bike and walked out on legs that felt more like jello than skin and bones. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be walking normal again any time soon. I glanced at the clock as we left the room. Seriously? Only 15 minutes?

We headed to the weight room. I pulled, pushed, and lifted various weights around the room. By the time we called it quits, I had trouble lifting my backpack.

I left the gym, exhausted, muscles aching, legs and arms wobbly. On the trek home, up a long hill followed by six flights of stairs, one thought encouraged me. If I were to die now, I wouldn’t have to go through this again on Friday.

Ahhh…so thankful for a man that makes me laugh. And just in case there was ever any doubt, I am extremely proud to be married to such an amazing man.

~ Regina

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5 Responses to First Day at the Gym

  1. glmueller7 says:

    Thanks, David, you made me laugh, too, I can imagine the whole thing sooo well…extremely funny! And: Yes, Regina, you can be proud of your hubby, he’s a great man! Love and greetings from Germany to the whole increased Etter-friends-family in Yanji,


  2. This is too funny! Did you take pictures of the gym? Take care and don’t hurt yourself. Oh, and be careful if you go back. They might like you too much and ask you to advertise for them.

    Take care,


  3. Choosingjoynow says:

    Thanks Gerald! I’m hoping my painful experiences from the first day aren’t repeated when I go back today or tomorrow…I’m going to try for 16 minutes on the bike. 🙂


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