It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Everyone was just a little more excited this year about getting Christmas decorations out. We couldn’t wait to see Hanissa enjoy this time with us.

While H napped, we brought in the boxes.

She was a little unsure, at first, but soon, she was diving into the boxes ready to find the next treasure.


When David first turned on the lights, Hanissa’s eyes lit up. She crept closer very slowly. After she touched and examined the lights, she decided her job was “helping” Daddy. She followed him around and around the tree.

wpid-dsc_8270-wm-2012-11-26-16-01.jpg wpid-dsc_8273-wm-2012-11-26-16-01.jpg



wpid-dsc_8311-wm-2012-11-26-16-01.jpg wpid-dsc_8320-wm-2012-11-26-16-01.jpg

wpid-dsc_8308-wm-2012-11-26-16-01.jpg wpid-dsc_8314-wm-2012-11-26-16-01.jpg

Once the tree was up and the lights on, the girls got the nativity scene out. We started making this nativity when Rachel was quite small, and every year we add something new to it. Last year we added Anna and Simeon, this year the girls said we needed more shepherds and more Wisemen. (That was after I nixed the their first idea, building the whole temple compound and their second, a scene including a king who ordered the killing of baby boys.)






wpid-dsc_8333-wm-2012-11-26-16-01.jpg wpid-dsc_8365-wm-2012-11-26-16-01.jpg

wpid-dsc_8334-wm-2012-11-26-16-01.jpg wpid-dsc_8336-wm-2012-11-26-16-01.jpg
Hanissa was amazed with a tiny snow globe. She played with it for hours until she discovered meaning of breakable. It was fun…while it lasted.


Once she learned how to put decorations on the tree, she wanted to put all of them on the same branch. The girls kept trying to distract her and while she wasn’t looking, distribute the ornaments more evenly around the tree. As soon as Hanissa returned to the tree, she would notice “her” ornaments had been moved. She would look at her sisters and say, “Hey!” and then she would find the ornaments and try to move them back.



The girls found the best place to be if you want to view the lights.





With all the excitement of decorating, comes the realization that we have a little one who needs to learn about a King who humbled himself and came to earth as a baby. Our prayer for you and your family is that you will take time each day to celebrate the birth of the servant King. An event announced by angels, mapped in the stars, and planned thousands of years in advance. An event that brought hope and fulfilled promises. An event that led earthly kings to fear, wise men to seek, and lowly men to worship. The all-time perfect gift wrapped in rags awaiting the day when He would be poured out for all men and rise again triumphant.

“Come, let us worship and bow down. Let us kneel before the Lord, our God, our Maker.”


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  1. Amber Prater says:

    Love all the pictures!


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