Waiting for Christmas

Starting December 1, we do something everyday to focus our minds and prepare our hearts for Christmas. This year, the girls and I made an advent calendar to help keep us on track. (Advent is simply the word used to define an arrival or coming, especially one that is awaited.)wpid-dsc_8511-wm-2012-12-3-12-44.jpg

I cut envelopes and the girls decorated them. We covered a large piece of cardboard and glued the envelopes in place. We only do 24 days, since day 25 is Christmas and the wait is over.
wpid-dsc_8509-wm-2012-12-3-12-44.jpg wpid-dsc_8489-wm-2012-12-3-12-44.jpg

This year, we are studying the names of Christ. I found a great list of verses at this site http://www.tentmaker.org/lists/names.html and a free ebook http://www.thrivingfamily.com/%7E/media/Thriving/1-articles/PDFs/ADVENT2012-printable.pdf that follows the same theme. I just had to narrow down the list to 24 names.


I wrote the names and references on a hang tags and placed them in the envelopes.

As we wait during the next few weeks, we hope to discover more about who Jesus is and grow in our relationship with Him. Our goal is to really discover the joy and hope that came with the Long-Awaited One.


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