Unexpected Lessons

Life has changed in many, many ways since Hanissa came home. Some changes were expected, of course. But I am amazed at how many things I have forgotten. Naps, eating, schedules, bathing…but more than that…I forgot the joy little ones bring into a room, the excitement they express over cookies, the look in their eyes as they try to figure out a new toy.

These days…

Smiles are abundant. Our workers love this little girl, just like they love our 4 older daughters.



Giggling and tickling have become routine once again.


We are remembering and enjoying the awe factor of childhood. We hear “Wow!” from Hanissa several times a day.


Nursery rhymes and songs are heard loud and clear throughout the house. Since learning the rhyme, “This little piggie went to market…” she loves to go without socks in the hopes that someone will grab those piggies. She’s seldom disappointed. We just can’t refuse.


wpid-dsc_8461-wm-2012-12-9-12-18.jpg wpid-dsc_8453-wm-2012-12-9-12-18.jpg

I am learning to twist and braid curls while Hanissa reminds us that mirrors were made for silly faces.




We’ve been rediscovering living room tents…



Piggy-back rides…


Mechanical wonders (aka a wrist watch)…

wpid-dsc_7049-wm-2012-12-9-12-18.jpg wpid-dsc_7048-wm-2012-12-9-12-18.jpg

Creation’s beauty…




But most of all these days…thankfulness and gratitude overflow.

~ Regina

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2 Responses to Unexpected Lessons

  1. Amber Prater says:

    The girls and I love these pictures. My favorite is the one of her laying down drawing. Evie was so excited to see Hanissa and keeps asking to see more. Her hair looks great! Evie said it looked liked her hair. 😀 I love that they can still “see” each other. 😀


    • Choosingjoynow says:

      Everyday Hanissa asks me to show her pictures of Evie and Julia, even if it is the same pictures over and over again. So glad that our kids can “see” each other.


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