“Water Play” in Hawaii

I can’t believe we actually got to go to Hawaii. Our goal was to fulfill requirements for Hanissa’s US visa, which we did. Actually, we felt rather guilty about going, but it ended up being a much needed, really relaxing, and even guilt-free vacation. It was more beautiful than I had imagined and, yes, I wanted to stay longer.

We had planned to do a lot of fun things during our stay, but we scrapped most of it and just relaxed and played on the beach together. No regrets about it. The beach provided plenty of entertainment.

Everyone enjoyed snorkeling. Since there were sea turtles to follow, dark rocks and coral to explore, and brightly colored fish to watch, and all close to shore, even the most timid swimmer could join in the fun.


Alia liked snorkeling but preferred the security of the ring.


wpid-waialua1303-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg wpid-waialua1922-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg


wpid-waialua0263-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg wpid-waialua0185-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg



Did I mention there were sea turtles? Big ones, little ones, wet ones, dry ones, in water, and on land, babies buried in the sand…You get the idea.




We didn’t want to disturb the turtles, but they didn’t seem to mind posing for a few pictures. Everyday we saw one or two large turtles sitting and sunning on the beach for hours, but we saw many more in the water. One day, just before sunset, we sat on the beach and counted more than 30 turtles with their heads sticking up out of the water. Then, as if a silent alarm had gone off, they all disappeared at once.


Their heads look almost like snakes coming up out of the water.


Hanissa spotted one headed to shore. The sight of a large, shelled reptile moving quickly and silently towards you can be a little alarming. Hanissa’s frantic cries may be the reason the turtle below turned around and headed back out to sea.


“Water play” (Hanissa’s term for swimming, splashing, and pretty much anything else fun that happens in the water) was plentiful during our stay in Waialua.


wpid-waialua0366-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg wpid-waialua1524-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg

Hanissa loved the water. Every day, she’d ask the same question, “Me, water play?” She was fearless wanting to do it all by herself. Before we could stop her, she had ducked her head in the water and was a little shocked that it was salty.

wpid-waialua1260-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg wpid-waialua1262-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg
wpid-waialua1263-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg wpid-waialua1264-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg

Even when she was tired, she’d rather rest with Mommy on the ring than get out of the water. I didn’t mind a bit.

wpid-waialua1661-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg wpid-waialua1705-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg

She would be in the water, lips turning blue, shivering, trying to convince me she wasn’t cold. Me, being the big, bad Mommy, made her get out of the water long enough for the sun to warm her and the sand to distract her.


There was always someone playing in the sand. It was just a matter of time before Little Miss joined them.


Everyday, someone would dig a hole just waiting for the waves to come in and the sea to reclaim it.

wpid-waialua1512-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg wpid-waialua1520-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg
wpid-waialua0652-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg wpid-waialua0650-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg

Then there were the coconuts…
Hanging from the trees, scattered on the ground, floating in the water. The girls were fascinated with them.

wpid-waialua0308-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg wpid-waialua0110-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg
wpid-waialua0113-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg wpid-waialua0116-wm-2013-01-23-10-13.jpg

Sand, water, wind, and waves can never replace true peace and joy in our lives, but they sure help make the journey more enjoyable.

Thank you Bobbi, Dawn, and Michael for blessing our family in so many ways!

~ Regina

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5 Responses to “Water Play” in Hawaii

  1. Mary Lou Etter says:

    What a treasure these blog entries are!!   You will write that book someday and it will be almost finished before you even begin.   Thanks for sharing so much with us.  Love you,  Mom


  2. Ahhhh, the ocean. So much fun. So glad God gave you the time away.


  3. Amber Prater says:

    Looks like a blast! Glad you had a great time together.


  4. Jim Fox says:

    Wonderful photos. So glad you got some time there. I spent nearly 2 years on Oahu in my Navy days (67-68), and lived one house off the beach (Sunset) on the North Shore my last 10 months.. Finally got to go back a year ago when we return from a missions trip to the Philippines. Spent just a few days but got to show my wife, Trish. I never saw the turtles like you guys got to do. That is awesome! Blessings!!


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