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Wintertime Fun

Cold winters aren’t all bad. There is a lot of fun that happens in places where the temperature stays below freezing for months and rivers freeze solid. It doesn’t get much better than slipping and sliding on the ice. Advertisements

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Normal Hanissa English

Fireworks outside, vacuuming inside. Meanwhile, I’m trying to talk to Hanissa who keeps saying, “I’m not listening!” She repeats it over and over getting louder and louder. I look over at her and see her cupping her ear so she … Continue reading

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A Child’s Response

I want to teach my kids a better way of living. I want them to understand that emotions don’t have to rule them. So, if there is an issue they are struggling with, I’ll often ask them to find a … Continue reading

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Someone Called the Police

Most parents have experienced an unruly child in a public place. If you haven’t experienced it, just wait. It happens, we get embarrassed, try to solve the problem, and move on.

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Persevering through the Struggle

Often running a small business in a foreign country is similar to peeling layers of an onion. Just as one obstacle is overcome, another is revealed. And each layer is often accompanied by tears.

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