A Child’s Response

I want to teach my kids a better way of living. I want them to understand that emotions don’t have to rule them. So, if there is an issue they are struggling with, I’ll often ask them to find a few Bible verses that address that issue.

I asked one of the girls to find some verse on obedience. The verses were found pretty quickly, Ex. 20:12 and Eph. 6:1-3. What I didn’t expect was the letter that accompanied the verses. You have to read this as dramatically as possible to get the right feeling being expressed…think Shakespeare or at least Pride and Prejudice.

Dear Offended,

I do so apologize for speaking rudely to you. Will you FORGIVE me of my wrong doings? For I’ve asked the LORD GOD and He has FORGIVEN me of my sin.


The Offender

Just another moment when my kids made me smile.

~ Regina

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