Schooling with Little Miss

Our homeschool is never exactly the same two years in a row. Kids change, needs change. Add a new little one to the mix and school days become interesting.

Hanissa likes to play but isn’t used to playing alone. When we gather at the kitchen table to do writing, speech, history, etc., Hanissa wants to join us instead of being on her own. She watches and copies everything her sisters do.

Last week, the girls were taking turns sharing a writing assignment. Hanissa listened to each one and then announced, “Me do it.” She then proceeded to talk (I’m still not sure what she said) and show us a drawing to illustrate her point. Another day, she held a poster for her sister during a presentation and then stood up to tell about her artwork. She used the same hand motions, expressions, and intonation as her sisters.

When her sisters use a calculator, Hanissa uses one, too. She’ll punch in some numbers, pick up her pencil, and write on her paper. (With a little imagination, the numbers on the calculator and those on the paper may look slightly similar.) When they use a ruler, Hanissa spends days measuring anything and everything she can reach.

When we aren’t doing work together, Hanissa will often crawl up on the couch or hop in the lap of a willing sister to “help” them with their work.





Since Hanissa came home in October, school hasn’t been easy. I’ve struggled with balancing a needy little one and keeping the older ones on task. Yet, we are finding our groove. It will happen. The girls are learning and moving ahead. I’m learning to relax and go with the flow. And Hanissa is helping us all enjoy the little things in life.

~ Regina

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