Celebration Time

I love setting aside time to focus on His resurrection with family and friends. All we believe hinges on the fact that He willingly took our punishment and conquered sin and death when He rose again. Then, instead of the death penalty we deserve, He offers us life, everlasting. There is no better reason to celebrate.
This year we made many wonderful memories with Hanissa. We read the story of the Lamb’s last week over and over again. We sang songs and rejoiced together. We dyed eggs and hid them.


Dying eggs was a lot of fun. The hard part was explaining that we would hide the eggs outside (and find them) before we ate them. She couldn’t quite understand what we were going to do with all those eggs.



The older girls were drawing beautiful designs on their eggs and Hanissa wanted to do the same.



We had some young friends join us for the big hunt. The temperature kept dropping and the winds kept blowing, but the kids had fun.



From the brick wall behind the car to the concrete wall on the other end, colorful eggs were hidden high and low.



wpid-dsc_3398-wm-2013-03-28-06-44.jpg wpid-dsc_3419-wm-2013-03-28-06-44.jpg

Notice the egg on top of the tire of the red car. The kids kept missing it, even with lots of clues.



The older girls helped hide the eggs and helped the younger ones find them.

Rachel won the award for the most creative hiding spot. She walked around for half of the hunt with that egg in her boot. Hanissa was pretty excited to find it.

wpid-dsc_3396-wm-2013-03-28-06-44.jpg wpid-dsc_3408-wm-2013-03-28-06-44.jpg

Hanissa spotted this egg (green is her favorite color) and starting running full speed toward it. She was determined to get it. Fortunately for her, she has great sisters that don’t mind helping her out.

wpid-dsc_3414-wm-2013-03-28-06-44.jpg wpid-dsc_3416-wm-2013-03-28-06-44.jpg



~ Regina

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