Gotcha Day

GOTCHA DAY! One year ago today, we “got” Hanissa and she “got” us. It is an exciting day to celebrate and remember the past year, but it is also a sober day to celebrate and remember all that she left behind. The joy parents feel at adding a child to their family comes with many tears and often anguish in the heart of a child.

Adoption is a mixed up basket of emotional highs and lows constantly spilling out on top of each other. A world of contrasts, as strange and confusing as Wonderland for Alice.

We “got” the opportunity to raise a beautiful girl. We “got” a child that needed someone to care for her. We “got” a chance to see love abound in ways we never imagined. We “got” to laugh at her funny antics. We “got” to see our faith and prayer life grow, exponentially. We “got” to comfort her as she cried. We “got” to learn that adoption is not about our needs and wants. We “got” to see how much growing still needed to happen in our lives. We “got” to learn how to do her hair. We “got” to bond over intense moments. We “got” to teach her about God. We “got” a bundle of energy that explodes often. We “got” a child filled with history waiting to be unearthed.

She “got” a whole lot of love. She “got” new and strange foods added to her diet. She “got” lots of bedtime stories. She “got” nights filled with tears as she learned to sleep in a quiet room. She “got” days filled with music and laughter with sisters. She “got” mournful days as she longed for friends lost to her. She “got” to learn how to play. She “got” to see the love of the body of Christ demonstrated toward her. She “got” new clothes and new shoes. She “got” to learn how to swim and ride a bicycle. She “got” a new family to love but also “got” longing for another one she remembers. She “got” new rules to follow. She “got” to lose one language to gain another. She “got” strangers to care for her. She “got” to learn to love in new ways.

We make a big deal out of “gotcha day” because it is a big deal. We want Hanissa to know that we love having her in our family, so we celebrate the day she joined our family. But we never forget what she gave up in order to have this special “gotcha day.”

~ Regina

Hanissa 1 year ago…


Hanissa Now…

wpid-100_2461-wm-2013-10-1-08-22.jpg wpid-100_2484-wm-2013-10-1-08-22.jpg
wpid-100_2540-wm-2013-10-1-08-22.jpg wpid-100_2524-wm-2013-10-1-08-22.jpg
wpid-100_2618-wm-2013-10-1-08-22.jpg wpid-100_2312-wm-2013-10-1-08-22.jpg

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