Fall. My favorite time of the year. Beautiful colors. Cool winds blowing. Leaves crunching underfoot. Snuggling up in comfy sweaters. Special moments with family. Bonfires. Pumpkins. Football. Candy corn. And plenty of photos to capture the moments.


Because of our travels, we got to experience fall from Virginia all the way to Colorado.

wpid-dsc_5632-wm-2013-11-2-22-09.jpg wpid-dsc_5291-wm-2013-11-2-22-09.jpg
wpid-dsc_5300-wm-2013-11-2-22-09.jpg wpid-dsc_5724-wm-2013-11-2-22-09.jpg


And, as a bonus, we got to spend time with our favorite college girl.


wpid-dsc_4712-wm-2013-11-2-22-09.jpg wpid-dsc_4759-wm-2013-11-2-22-09.jpg



I love that my family enjoys the simple things in life and that they enjoy being together. Fall is just another excuse to enjoy this great, big, wonderful world that our Father has given us. Hope you spend time enjoying it as well.

~ Regina

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