A Day at the Arch

We stopped for a few hours in St. Louis. Wow, America, you really have some amazing places.

wpid-dsc_5070-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg wpid-dsc_5099-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg

wpid-dsc_5091-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg wpid-dsc_5083-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg


wpid-dsc_5137-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg wpid-dsc_5110-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg

We ran through the park, hiding behind trees, and giggling as we went.

wpid-dsc_5254-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg wpid-dsc_5273-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg
wpid-dsc_5267-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg wpid-dsc_5330-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg

Then we made it to the arch. That shining, glimmering gateway to the west.


wpid-dsc_5444-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg wpid-dsc_5376-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg
wpid-dsc_5207-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg wpid-dsc_5209-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg

We rode the small (5 seats and very little leg or head space-small) car up to the top. Yep, way up there is a small observation room.

wpid-img_5203-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg wpid-dsc_5140-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg

wpid-dsc_5141-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg wpid-img_5188-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg

wpid-dsc_5203-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg wpid-dsc_5204-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg

630 feet up, inside the arch. Two girls were a little squeamish with the height and the swaying. Did I forget to mention that it moves 18 inches up there? Almost imperceptible, almost.


And the top is small. Our crew is stretched side to side, the width of the observation deck, at the very center of the arch.


You don’t have to worry about claustrophobia as long as you keep looking out the windows. The view is fantastic.





Speaking of views, if you ever visit, don’t neglect the view from the ground. WARNING: If clouds are passing by, the arch looks like it is in constant motion and seasickness can occur. You may want to think twice before lying on the ground and gazing up at the arch, or not.




wpid-dsc_5300-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg wpid-dsc_5291-wm-2013-11-19-13-34.jpg

It was fun to explore the arch and the park around it, but mostly we just enjoyed spending the day together. The memories are definitely worth the effort it takes to get out and enjoy the wonderful world around us.

~ Regina

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