Valentine Traditions

When our girls were little, David decided to make Valentine’s Day a family event. It became a special day, set aside for Daddy to honor his girls, big and small.

The morning of February 14, the girls wake up to a table scattered with candies and other special treats. Sometimes, each one has flowers, other times there is a bouquet shared by all. And, of course, there are cards. Sweet notes reminding each they are precious and loved.

This year, David was out of town for Valentine’s Day. He sent flowers and cards, but the girls wanted to wait until he was home to open them. So Sunday morning before church we celebrated. The girls always make the cutest cards for one another and we just celebrate the love that God has given us in our family.


wpid-dsc_8198-wm-2014-02-16-17-43.jpg wpid-dsc_8192-wm-2014-02-16-17-43.jpg

It’s not about lavish gifts or some random day, but it is about taking an opportunity to say, “I love you. You are special to me, just because you are you.” And it is about a Dad demonstrating to his girls and his wife that they are valued. Yes, he demonstrates this every day, in lots of little and big ways. But on this day, just like on birthdays, it is pointed and direct. My girls adore their dad. He is, after all, their first Valentine. And I love that they are learning to celebrate and enjoy this life and the many loves God has given them.

~ Regina

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