April Challenge

Tuesday morning is breakfast with dad day. Each week, David takes a different girl out and they get to spend some one-on-one time together. In China, walks to the market or cooking dinner together gave me those special alone moments with each of my girls. For some reason, since we’ve been back in the states, I’ve struggled to find or make time for just listening and talking one-on-one with them. Several years ago, I recognized that my girls needed to know they would have time with me each day and I needed to connect with all that was going on both externally and internally in their lives.

This month I need to reestablish the habit of spending just 15 minutes a day of uninterrupted time with each of my girls. Here’s what I wrote about when I first implemented it.

I’ve given myself a challenge.  It’s not a very creative title but it works.  I’m trying to spend 15 minutes of one-on-one time with each of my children.  (That’s only adds up to an hour out of my day.) I didn’t expect this challenge to be that hard.  Really, I thought it would give me accountability in making sure I spend some focused time alone with each person.

We do a lot of things together already.  As my girls have gotten older, I’ve realized that they need time with mom, alone.  The time might be just sitting and talking together or maybe guitar lessons given to me by Rachel. It might be a trip to the store with mom or a walk around the block.

I realized about a week into my plan that I had given my idea the right title.  It has been a challenge.  Wow!  Finding just 15 minutes of alone time with each is a habit that I am having to purposefully pursue.  It isn’t just happening.  I never expected it to be difficult.

I know the time it takes to connect with my girls is worth it.  I am just starting to see glimpses of the benefits that I know will come.  Behavioral challenges are lessening; respect and understanding are growing on my side and theirs.  We are learning about each other  in new, funny, and deeper ways.

I’m looking forward to all the wonderful things they are going to teach me in our times together.

~ Regina

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