Kindergarten Lapbooking

Kindergarten. It is such a fun time: reading books, teaching new songs, counting every thing (and I mean everything), relearning about God’s creation through the excited eyes of a little one, and so much more. My philosophy for early education doesn’t leave much room for sitting, writing, and traditional classroom work. We do some of that because my 5 year old is ready to sit and learn, but I still put a lot of limitations on that style of work.

A bucket full of rice to measure and pour, lots of books, building with leggos, climbing trees, and lots of imaginative play are part of a typical day for us.

wpid-dsc_8124-wm-2014-04-1-19-49.jpg wpid-dsc_0307-2014-04-1-19-49.jpg

Yes, I do use a few books like Singapore Early Bird Math and Get Ready, Get Set, Go for the Code, for learning letter sounds. And Hanissa really likes the Kumon books for cutting, pasting, and mazes. I use these, but the bulk of our “seat work” comes from the lapbooks that we make together.

Each week, we choose a book together. Goodnight Moon is a great starting book. We read the book together every day for five days. Each day we do fun activities that fit into the overall theme of the book of the week. You can check out to see some of the neat things we did.

The great thing about lapbooks is that so much material is already done for you and it is free. LOVE that. And you print off what you want to use, and forget the rest. You can make it as simple or as detailed as you want.

My goal in Kindergarten is not mastery of all skills, but rather an introduction to many and repetition of some of the more important ones. Often Hanissa pulls out one of her completed lapbooks and goes through them. She loves having her own books to show others, too. I’m always amazed at what she has learned in such a simple and fun way.

Here are a few pictures of some completed lap books.






We also do a mini-lapbook to reinforce the letters we are learning. I got all the letter sheets at . All I have to do is print of the sheets. I use the lessons in “Get Ready for the Code” as guide. We usually do one letter a week. As Hanissa’s cutting has improved, my work becomes less and less.




Lapbooking isn’t just for little ones, either. You can adapt it to any age. My high schoolers do book analysis lapbooks. They like that they can do most of it on their own. There are lapbooks for historical characters, science projects, older kids books. You can check out a sampling at and .

For those who’ve asked, happy lapbooking!

~ Regina

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