Every day is a day to be glad and rejoice because of the life we have in Christ. But once a year, we set aside special time to focus on His death, burial, and resurrection. Some call it Easter, others prefer Resurrection Day. Regardless of the name, it is great to gather with believers and worship. And it is a great day to do something special with family and friends, too.


wpid-dsc_0523-2014-04-23-18-50.jpg wpid-dsc_0501-2014-04-23-18-50.jpg
wpid-dsc_0518-2014-04-23-18-50.jpg wpid-dsc_0506-2014-04-23-18-50.jpg


It isn’t about bunnies, eggs, or special clothes. We celebrate life; Chirst’s life after death and our new life in Him. Part of that celebration is gathering as a family and reading about His life, especially the final days. And of course, there is music. Lots and lots of music. Singing praises to our King, individually and corporately.


Yes, the Resurrection is a celebration of life.

All the other is just fun heaped on top. And we did have some fun.

The girls colored eggs…not too many, after all, you can only eat so many egg salad sandwiches.


wpid-dsc_0484-2014-04-23-18-50.jpg wpid-dsc_0477-2014-04-23-18-50.jpg

Plastic eggs, boiled eggs, 72 altogether. And four girls ready for the hunt.

wpid-dsc_0560-2014-04-23-18-50.jpg wpid-dsc_0563-2014-04-23-18-50.jpg

wpid-dsc_0588-2014-04-23-18-50.jpg wpid-dsc_0596-2014-04-23-18-50.jpg

And it was quite a hunt!




Looking high and low because they know, when Dad hides the eggs…they can be anywhere.

wpid-dsc_0585-2014-04-23-18-50.jpg wpid-dsc_0601-2014-04-23-18-50.jpg


wpid-dsc_0564-2014-04-23-18-50.jpg wpid-dsc_0617-2014-04-23-18-50.jpg

What a great day to enjoy family traditions and celebrate our Risen Savior together.

~ Regina

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