How We Roll

People like to ask me about homeschooling. Apparently once you have a homeschooler in college, you are elevated to grand master in the homeschooling world. They’re probably thinking something like, “I see you didn’t destroy your kids, maybe homeschooling isn’t so bad after all.” What they don’t know is that I’m thinking, “Whew, one in college. We haven’t ruined our children. We must be doing something right. She’s a functioning, quasi adult.”


When asked, I tell people I am a relaxed homeschooler. (Please don’t think that means I’m always relaxed. Unfortunately, I can get riled up and overreact just like any other Mom out there.) No homeschool is exactly like another, because every family and every child is different. It takes time to find what works for you. For me, school work may be done at the table, on the floor, outside, in the car, on the bed, or in a dozen other fun places. Substitutions in normal school work are allowed on a regular basis (and even encouraged) which has allowed the girls to work in bakeries, take trips, visit museums, garden, practice music and art, perfect crochet and knitting skills, make food for others, attend swim classes, and accomplish many other important tasks. Essentially, school, for us, is a lifestyle of learning (filled with interruptions, just like life) and not just about 9 am – 3 pm classes.

It may seem with all that going on that very little schooling gets accomplished. Some days, even weeks, I would agree. Because these activities do take place, we have to make good use of the time we have at home. But, the girls have also become great multitaskers. Math, journaling, writing assignments, reading, etc., can all be done while waiting for siblings to finish a music lesson or at the pool. Crocheting, knitting, and art happen while we are reading aloud. It doesn’t seem possible but most of the time, they complete their work and often get ahead in their studies. (Although, they always think they are behind.)

Occasionally, schooling looks like this. Neat, tidy, and properly seated at a table.




But usually, schooling looks more like this… girls scattered around the house, in various places and positions, nothing like the neat orderly rows of desks I grew up using.


wpid-dsc_0303-2014-04-23-07-08.jpg wpid-dsc_0433-2014-04-23-07-08.jpg





Guidelines? Yep, we have those. Organization? It happens…sometimes. Boundaries? Absolutely. It just looks different in our family. I’m ok with that. ☺ They’re learning, I’m learning, and we’re all doing it together.

~ Regina

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