Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Everyday for months, Hanissa has asked if she could fly a kite. Snow didn’t deter her. Windless days…still she begged. Tired of waiting on us, she made her own paper kite. Layer upon layer of paper, taped and glued together. It was so heavy a jet engine would be needed to get it in the air. Maybe we should study physics next year?

We have large kites that are great for days in the park, but would be a challenge in our yard and hard for her to handle alone (which seemed to be an important part of the kite flying experience). Luckily, Hanissa and I found a mini-kite that is just perfect for little hands and yards surrounded with trees.

It didn’t take her long to figure out how to get it flying and keep it in the air. As long as the wind was blowing, her kite flew.

wpid-dsc_0850-2014-05-20-08-13.jpg wpid-dsc_0865-2014-05-20-08-13.jpg
wpid-dsc_0849-2014-05-20-08-13.jpg wpid-dsc_0869-2014-05-20-08-13.jpg
wpid-dsc_0867-2014-05-20-08-13.jpg wpid-dsc_0872-2014-05-20-08-13.jpg
The simple days of childhood…I’m so blessed to be able to enjoy them all over again.

~ Regina

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