July Challenge

Ah, sweet summertime. The kids are out of school. As a homeschooling mom, this is my time to prepare for next year. But, the kids are out of school. There are still household chores to be done. But, again, the kids are out of school. The mornings are lazy, so are the afternoons. And I might as well confess evenings are pretty lazy, too…since the kids are out of school.

With more time on our hands, one would think we’d actually accomplish more. Well…not usually. And I’m actually ok with that most of the time. Sure, I’ve had to limit reading to 2-3 hours some days, but instruments are still being played, and family walks (aka cell-phone free walks) have increased. But what I really long for is a summer of togetherness. Memories being made as we enjoy these days together as a family.
This month, I want to be purposeful in my time with my family. I want to savor our moments together. While I like the ease of summer, it is possible to go a day or two without any meaningful conversations taking place. Some may say it is the world of cell phones and computers that make this a reality. Well, that’s part of the story. But anything that causes a person to be continually absorbed in their own activity, their own thoughts, without the need of real human interaction isn’t healthy for relationships. In my house, books are a bigger struggle than electronics.

I don’t want to just rest well this summer. I want to work and play hard. I want to take more late nights walks to get ice-cream. I want to see the girls enjoying the stars on a clear night. I want to help Hanissa collect roly-polies and build sand castles. I want to ride on the paddle boats at the lake and swing on the swings. I want to talk about the books the older girls are reading. I want to hear the plans my oldest has for the next year. I want to sing favorite tunes as we sweep the floors and fold laundry. I want to get wet and ambush the girls with water guns. I want to sketch the flowers growing in the backyard. I want to picnic and eat lots of watermelon. I want to hear silly giggles as we tell old family stories. I want to enjoy the moments.

So many wants. And I can do them all, if I choose to be purposeful in my time. This month, I’m choosing to see each day as an opportunity to enjoy my family, a chance to know the hearts of my girls, my husband better. Without plan or purpose, days slip by and opportunities are lost.

Looking forward to redeeming the time because the days are short.

~ Regina

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