Happy Birthday America

We celebrate, we cheer, we stand and applaud because we are thankful for this country. Our independence from England, a government that was seen as oppressive, was a serious thing. Delegates tried for years to resolve the issues and war truly was a last resort when words lead to no change. Most of the our founding fathers hoped and prayed (as can be seen in their personal writings) that we wouldn’t have to separate from England and that war wouldn’t come (hence the many years of discussion). But they were willing to stand firm, fight, and yes, even die to have freedom, personal rights, and representation within their government. Our celebration isn’t that men lost lives, but that men (and women) were willing to stand up to a tyrant and declare independence from all that they knew. Their security, their livelihoods, their lives would forever be altered.

We get to enjoy the results of their tough choices, freedoms never known to many countries in this world. America’s day of Independence is definitely a day worth celebrating.


We walked to the park where we joined several hundred other people excited to be celebrating. A picnic, face painting, sno-cones, cotton candy, music, and fireworks (and a large amount of people watching) filled our evening.



wpid-dsc_3400-2014-07-5-08-42.jpg wpid-dsc_3440-2014-07-5-08-42.jpg


wpid-dsc_3345-2014-07-5-08-42.jpg wpid-dsc_3352-2014-07-5-08-42.jpg



The band led the crowd in singing the national anthem. It was pretty amazing. Then…boom!



On our walk home, we stopped on top of a bridge. As we looked around, we could see explosions of light all around the city. Thousands of people celebrating America, her history and her future. Happy Birthday America! May our Father touch hearts all across this great big land and may freedom will reign in lives that were once shackled by sin.

~ Regina

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