August Challenge

Where has this year gone? The eighth month out of twelve. I am gearing up for school just like my kids. I’ve been organizing, planning, shopping, and just trying to get all those loose ends tied up before we actually start. Which leads me to this months challenge. Organization. I’m not talking about having a neat house or getting out of the house with everything I need on a Sunday morning. I mean life changing, need to get things done so I have more time, organization.

When I was in college, my grades were always better when I was busy. A busy life lead me to constantly be on top of everything. I could handle working, band, an outside ministry, friends, and classes. I could handle the doing, the busyness if life. Likewise, our first year in Korea, I was teaching, coaching track, helping with the children’s group and teens at church, learning a new language and culture, and keeping up with friends. Then came baby number one. While I loved being home with her, I had time on my hands for the first time as an adult. And I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

In so many ways, I have found myself back in this role. In China, we were always busy, always doing something. Here, I homeschool and host a small group. I’m back to a place where time is available, but it seems less gets done than ever before. When life is busy and full of craziness, organization is a necessity. But with fewer distractions, I find myself accomplishing so much less.

I love the easy, go with the flow life. But somewhere in the easiness, I let go of a bit of self discipline. Now, I’m working hard to get back on track. Back to the place that my kids know exactly what is expected of them. To the place where time is available because we’ve already finished everything that needs to be done and I can rest without worrying about what was put off until tomorrow. That place where I am not owned by a schedule, but can easily see what can be shuffled around to meet pressing needs. I want to set goals and reach them and help my kids do the same.

Organization. It isn’t about a life that is inflexible, its about finding a way to get done what needs to be done. And when that happens life just flows much better. We have the ability to bend with what ever comes our way. I’m excited to get back into organizational health.

~ Regina

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