Off to the Mountains

Three days of rainy, cool weather. I’m talking daytime highs in the low 50’s, nighttime lows in the high 30’s kind of cool. Plus rain. Did I mention there was rain? I love rain, I love cool weather, but I was excited to see the sun shining and to feel the warmth today. So we loaded up the van and headed to Boulder for a short hike. It was absolutely beautiful!

What could be better than a meadow filled with wildflowers? I think I may have found the perfect place to build my dream house. Not sure how to break the news to the state of Colorado and all those other people who seem to think this place is amazing, too. Another plus…someone was thoughtful enough to place stone steps up the side of the slope so all us wanna be mountain climbers can make it to the top. Very thoughtful!
wpid-dsc_7696-2014-09-13-17-10.jpg wpid-dsc_7778-2014-09-13-17-10.jpg





wpid-dsc_7907-2014-09-13-17-10.jpg wpid-dsc_7689-2014-09-13-17-10.jpg

wpid-dsc_7839-2014-09-13-17-10.jpg wpid-dsc_7819-2014-09-13-17-10.jpg\

We found a cave hidden behind trees. Apparently we weren’t the first to make this discovery. There were nests in the holes in the rocks and blackened rock from multiple campfires. Hanissa was keeping an eye out for bears and snakes. Bears, because she thought it would be fun to see them. Snakes, because she is terrified of them. Fortunately, we saw neither.

wpid-dsc_7879-2014-09-13-17-10.jpg wpid-dsc_7881-2014-09-13-17-10.jpg


wpid-dsc_7720-2014-09-13-17-10.jpg wpid-dsc_7766-2014-09-13-17-10.jpg

wpid-dsc_7891-2014-09-13-17-10.jpg wpid-dsc_7893-2014-09-13-17-10.jpg

I think the girls’ favorite spot was the stream that we found bubbling through a canyon. Last year’s flooding washed away the bridge, but that didn’t stop our girls (plus one) from finding a way into the water. And yes, it was COLD.


wpid-dsc_7754-2014-09-13-17-10.jpg wpid-dsc_7733-2014-09-13-17-10.jpg








Enjoying God’s creation and taking time to make memories. Can’t wait to be off to the mountains, again.

~ Regina

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