Adoption Fundraisers

We’ve been pre-approved. We’re getting the paperwork done. And reality hits. Adoption isn’t cheap. It isn’t “buying” kids, either. There is a lot of paperwork, fees, translation services, research, and also humanitarian dollars that are spent to complete each adoption. While families can afford the day to day expenses for the children they adopt, it is challenging to get the money together for the adoption itself. As a matter of fact, I’ve read that adoption expense is the number one reason more people don’t adopt. The good news it that there is help out there. Interest free loans, grants, and fundraisers are constantly explored by adoptive parents.

Because the little girl we are adopting is a waiting child, we had more expenses early on than with H’s adoption. We love adoption and our children are worth so much more than the money we will spend and the time we will invest to bring them home. But still, it does take money and time to get them home.

We have two fund raisers that will help us raise some of the needed cash. They are easy to do and the money will go directly to us and the product directly to you.

One way you could get involved with our adoption is to purchase a t-shirt. This fundraiser ENDS October 13 and we need at least 50 people to get involved but we would love see more.


Another way to get involved is by purchasing coffee or a product through the following link.

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Finally, we’d love to have all of you support us in prayer. We know the possible pitfalls that exist in the world of adoption. We know terrible heartache and amazing joy from adoption. We need the prayers of believers as we walk this journey. As excited as we are, there is also a small amount of fear that keeps trying to sneak into our hearts. We are asking for favor with the home study, the grant agencies, and the Chinese government.

Looking forward to what He has prepared for us in this next step of life.

~ Regina

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