November Newsletter

Surgery Update
As you are aware, last summer, we arrived back in the US on a planned 12-18 month medical furlough to diagnose and take care of Hanissa’s medical needs. We have worked diligently with multiple doctors and therapists to try and find a quick solution to her problems. Unfortunately, there is no quick solution for her since her issues are related to her genetic bone growth patterns. Earlier this month, she underwent a complex surgery on both of her legs which is keeping her immobilized for 6-8 weeks, and then will require months of physical therapy beyond that. This has all been very difficult on our little 6 year old (and her parents and siblings). She is our little trooper, though, and has pulled through with flying colors, and is progressing awesomely! God is doing a work in her life (and ours).

One More Time
As Hanissa is healing, you can also be in prayer for us as we grow our family one more time! “One more time!” you may be thinking. Yes, one more time. You see, even after adopting Hanissa two years ago, our hearts remained open the possibility that we might be expanding our family again, and so as we continued praying about it, an opportunity opened for us to consider a little girl in China … yes, another girl!! We have been working through the process with a local agency all summer long to bring “K” into our home.

Be sure to follow our progress via Regina’s blog, and/or Facebook so that you can rejoice with us as we hopefully bring “K” home from China in 2015!

China Changes
In addition, this past summer, under the Lord’s direction, we closed down our existing ministry platform in NE China. Sadly, Gina’s Place is no more. Our local community was quite distressed about this, as were we and our workers. However, the Lord was in it, and we were able to transfer the business license to another missionary family who will take it and start another Business as Mission (BAM) project there in that town…so the work goes on! The only thing of our remaining in NE Asia is our house, which we are in the process of trying to sell to help pay off some of our final debts from Gina’s Place. The sale is going slowly, and we need to sell it quickly, so please pray for interested buyers and a quick sale.

With all this said, I feel that it would be unfair to our supporters and your budgets to continue as an official BBFI Missionary at this time. In consultation with our sending church here in Denver, I have contacted the Missions Office in Springfield, and have notified them that as of Dec. 31 we will be resigning as missionaries. They have agreed to continue processing our support through the end of the year, to give us time to find full time employment here, and figure out our next steps.

With Hanissa’s future condition still unsure, and no active ministries ongoing in Asia, we feel that it would be best to stay in the US for now and focus on our family’s medical needs. We will also be continuing to assist with the ongoing ministries at our sending church, and doing what we can to be an encouragement to Pastor Billy Hamm and the leadership there. Please be in prayer for us as we seek the Lord’s direction.

Thank you for your support and prayers over the past 21 years that we have been serving the Lord in the Koreas and in China. We are truly grateful for you and to all of our supporters for all of the prayer cover and financial investment which you have poured into our family and ministry. We would, of course, cherish your continued prayers for our family as we seek His direction for the future. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call. Our contact information is below. We can also be reached through Mountain States Baptist Church here in Denver. Thanks again! We love you all!!

Until the whole world hears,

David and Regina Etter
11128 Melody Dr.
Northglenn, CO 80234
cell: 720-999-2812

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