A Heart for Ministry, the Next Generation

John said it like this, “I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.” Hearing that those we discipled and were involved in ministry with are serving the Lord and living lives pleasing to Him does bring about great joy in my heart. But, I gotta tell ya, there is nothing like seeing your own children step and determine to live a life of faith.

Many of you know our oldest daughter. She’s funny, outgoing, incredibly talented as a writer and musician, but all that pales against her desire to serve Christ. A certain continent has been on her heart for while. She’s been praying about and looking at various opportunities to minister in that part of the world. It is a place completely foreign to her, but her heart is burdened for the people.

Through her university she’s been given the opportunity to visit and minister among the people in a particular country. (For security reasons I can’t give more info on this site.) She is looking for partners in prayer and to help with finances. I’m excited about what the Father is doing in her life and can’t wait to hear what He does in her life, her teammates lives, and in the lives of those they meet.

~ Regina

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope this letter finds you all doing well and enjoying this beautiful time of year. The leaves have changed colors and have started to fall here in Lynchburg, and the temperature has turned brisk and chilly—perfect sweater weather! School has kept me busy this semester, and I have been learning a lot while also growing deeper in my faith and my walk with Christ. I am looking forward to these last few weeks of school and every good thing that comes with it (i.e. Thanksgiving!!!).

I am writing because I have been given the opportunity to travel with a Global Team to a restricted area this upcoming Spring Break (March 5th-14th, 2015). Through the Global Team, we will be connecting with other like-minded men and women and getting a glimpse of how they live among the people with whom they work. We have many team meetings/retreats to complete before our departure, and we have training workshops that we are required to attend. For several years now, I have been interested in this area of the world with more long-term goals in mind, so I am extremely excited to be able to experience this! I am looking forward to embarking on this trip, however I cannot do it without your help and support.

I would like to invite you to join me and my team as we go and form relationships with the people of this nation—relationships that could be extremely life changing—through prayer and financial support. As the late Dr. Jerry Falwell said, “Nothing of eternal consequence was ever accomplished without prayer.” I believe this to be true and covet your prayers. I will need to raise $2,900 to be able to turn this opportunity into reality. God has graciously provided me with the first deposit of $250, but I need your help. My next deadlines are as follows:

10/05/2014 — $1,000
01/16/2015 — $850
02/13/2015 — $800

If you would like to donate (online preferably), you can use the following link (www.liberty.edu/globalteams/donate) or by sending checks made payable to “Global Teams.” I wish I could meet with each of you to personally discuss what all I will be doing, but know that I appreciate and love every single one of you, and hope that you will join me by assisting in both the financial and prayer aspects of this trip.

Rachel Etter

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