New Journeys

You’ve probably already heard the news.  We are resigning as missionaries.  There are a lot of mixed emotions in this decision. While still in high school, I knew I would live overseas as a missionary.  I never imagined that wouldn’t be my life.  Thankfully, for the past 21 years, it has been my reality.  And, I have loved it.  It wasn’t always easy.  There was much to learn.  But, we were always confident we were in the place our Father desired us to be.  That knowledge brings peace and contentment.

Once again, we know that He is placing us exactly where He wants us.  We aren’t sure what the next steps will be, but we know for now,  we are to be here.  Even in the midst of peace, this is the hardest move our family has ever made.  Our girls have come to us at different times, confirming this new direction.  The one who has struggled the most with the decision to resign and stay stateside told us recently, “I know that God wants our family to be in the US.  It is just really hard to accept.” Another told us, “I think our family may be called back to the states so that I can learn how to be American and how to minister to the people here.”

Every time God has moved us, He has prepared our hearts and given us a love for the people that is beyond natural.  I see it happening again.  Often my heart still longs to be overseas.  I miss the ladies who worked in our kitchen at Gina’s.  I miss the neighbor downstairs who always had a smile to share.  I miss our co-workers who challenged me in my faith, daily.  I miss the language and culture, even though bits have been grafted into our lives.

The truth is, living a life of faith is hard, but yet, what other option is there?  Yes, peace is in my heart and contentment is growing. We are making our home in Denver, CO.  This is the first time since college that we have not been pursuing life in another country.  Please continue to pray for us as we walk a brand new journey.

~ Regina

If you missed it before, you can read more about what is happening in our lives at

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