How to Prepare for Thanksgiving, thoughts from a 6 year old

For those of you who haven’t yet decided what to make for your big Thanksgiving meal, I have a solution. Or rather, Hanissa has a solution.
So from our house to yours with love, here’s the menu my 6 year old came up with for Thanksgiving. These are directly from her mouth. Enjoy.

Turkey —> First, kill them. Put him in the store. You have to cook him for 30 minutes. Put salt and pepper and seasoning on it. Then eat it.

Pumpkin Pie —> You cook the crust from wheat. Add sugar, heavy powder, some apples, brown sugar, pumpkin pie (the kind you carve), and mix it up. Now we pour it into the crust. Put it into the oven for hours, or 30 minutes. Now, you open the oven and let it cool down. Its hot. You have to eat it. Its yummy.

Mashed Potatoes —> You cook mashed potatoes very long, but not burnt. You put seasoning and salt and pepper into the potatoes. Mix it up with a whirrer thing. And, put gravy on top.

Gravy —> Add water and salt and pepper to make it good. Add brown sugar to make it brown. No, wait, then it is sugary. I have problems. Take out the brown sugar. Add white powder and cook until it is brown. Cook, eat, drink, and do everything with gravy.

Green Beans —> Cook them in a pot with peppers and tomatoes. And that’s enough.

Rolls —> You need powder and mix it up. You need…umm…what is it? Bubbles? No. Umm…yeast. You need 1 cracked egg. You mix it up. You have to push it down and flatten it. You have to make it into balls. You have to put it in a big pan. You have to put oil in the pan, first and spread it. Rise it. Then it’s done. You rise it. You don’t have to cook bread.

She even drew her version of the proper place setting for the Thanksgiving meal.


For those of you who may have gotten the impression that we believe thanksgiving is all about the food, we did talk about the Pilgrims, the Indians, and the first Thanksgiving.

wpid-dsc_9952-2014-11-21-14-25.jpg wpid-dsc_9953-2014-11-21-14-25.jpg

And of course, we’ve been discussing thankfulness.


But my favorite is Hanissa’s own words. “I’m thankful for my owies.” And then she wrote this:


I’m thankful for children who have grateful hearts and demonstrate our Father’s goodness every day. What you are you thankful for this year?

I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with Thankful hearts all that God has done.

~ Regina

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One Response to How to Prepare for Thanksgiving, thoughts from a 6 year old

  1. Stephanie says:

    “Do everything with gravy”. She’s awesome!


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