A is for Adoration

Every year, our family does some type of countdown in anticipation of Christmas. It is the looking forward to the coming of Messiah, another term for this is advent, which simply means a coming or an arrival. The Old Testament is full of people who anxiously awaited the coming Messiah. Promises and prophecies (all fulfilled in Christ) abounded. It would be a great even and the people looked forward to it with great anticipation.

We live with the ability to look back in time and see the coming of Messiah. As a family, we want to instill in our kids the excitement of that much longed for moment. We want them to look forward to the day we set aside to celebrate His birth. This year, I’ve created an alphabetical advent celebration. And the letter A reading happens to also be my challenge for this month.

With all the excitement, decorations, songs, gifts, sweets, parties, and more, it is easy to forget about Christ. We celebrate His coming just like those in the Old Testament. We acknowledge that He is the long awaited One. But even with all this knowledge and good intent, I often forget to worship God and encounter Him willfully and purposefully.

A – Adoration —> O come let us adore Him. This song can be heard daily during the Christmas season, but what does it mean to adore someone? According to the dictionary, adore means to regard with the utmost esteem, love, respect, honor. Another dictionary meaning is to like or admire very much. Neither of these seem to be enough when we think about adoring Christ. What are we saying when we sing those words?

The best definition I could find uses just one word, worship. For some, the word worship is just as confusing as the word adore. Isn’t worship something we do on Sundays, at church? Doesn’t it involve rituals or at least traditions that must be followed? Rituals and traditions are often born out of worship, but they never replace or cause worship. Worship, adoration, is simply recognizing the character of God, praising Him for who He is, thanking Him for what He does, and acting on the knowledge that God is enough. Regardless of your methodology, true adoration starts with a God encounter.

The Shepherds came on the night of Christ’s birth by angels’ invitation to see a wonder. Walking into the presence of Jesus, brought pure adoration into the shepherds’ hearts on put praise on their lips. Wise men watched the skies and followed a star so they might honor a king. Seeing the young child, Jesus, caused them to fall down and worship. Regardless of station in life, from the most humble to the most important, an encounter with God leads to adoration.

This season, I want to not only sing the words of this song I want to live them. I want to encounter Christ purposefully each day.

O, come let us adore Him.
O, come let us adore Him.
O, come let us adore Him.
Christ, the Lord.

~ Regina

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