B is for Bethlehem

B – Bethlehem —> A name we’ve heard of since childhood.  The place where Ruth and Boaz lived.  The city of David.  The birthplace of Jesus.  But does the place really matter?  Again, we come to the Creator for answers. He thinks of every detail and even if we never know the whys of it, He does.

An Old Testament prophet declared that a ruler, who existed from eternity, would come forth from the little town of Bethlehem. A town without much significance, simple, lowly, common.  As God orchestrates Christ’s birth, we see a powerful king issue an edict which will send Joseph and Mary to the very place the prophet said the Messiah would be born.

Bethlehem, in Hebrew called the House of Bread, would witness the Bread of Life’s birth. Angels would herald His coming and a star would light the way to the Morning Star’s cradle.  In Aramaic, Bethlehem’s name was House of Flesh.  It was the city where the sacrificial lambs for the temple were kept.  Maybe the shepherds who visited the baby in the manger were watching over these special, set apart lambs.  Either way, shepherds came and worshipped the Lamb of God that night.

For me, the story of Bethlehem is a faith builder. God wove such detail into Christ’s life. Kings’ hearts were moved, symbolism abounded, and every single prophecy was fulfilled.  We serve a God who delights in the details of our lives.  He is at work, weaving our tapestry, even now.  We can trust Him to lovingly care for us and prepare a way for us just like He did for His Son.

Micah 5:2, Luke 2: 1-7, John 1:34-36, Phil. 1:6, Eph. 2:10


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