G is for Grace

G – Grace —> When I was expecting our third daughter, it seemed every where I turned God just kept revealing His grace to me.  So David and I set out to find a name for our baby that would remind us of some of the lessons we were learning. Just before her arrival in December, we settled on the name Charis Noel which means grace at Christmas time.


While her name does remind of grace extended to me daily, during this season, her name brings to mind Grace that cried out on the night of His birth.  Grace that walked dusty roads.  Grace that forgave sins and healed the sick.  Jesus, Grace and Truth bonded in flesh. 

The psalmist says this, “lovingkindness and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.” Some translations replace lovingkindness with mercy.  The actual meaning is a combination of the two words.  A faithful love put into action all of which is undeserved.  Doesn’t that sound like grace? 

In Jesus, these traits meet.  John says, “Grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.”  The angel told Joseph that Jesus would save His people from their sins.  Grace was always the plan.  But, grace without truth, is not a complete picture of Christ.  

The truth of who Jesus is, God in the flesh, Righteous One, Lawgiver, Creator in contrast to who we are reveals our need for an active, pursuing love that sees who we are meant to be in Christ rather than who we are in the flesh.

Truth of our need of a Savior, of God’s plan for this world met grace in a manger and forever the two, are revealed together in Christ. Let’s celebrate the goodness of His grace as we celebrate His birth.

~ Regina
Ps. 85:4-13, Jn. 1:14, 17, Matt. 1:18-25


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