I is for Incorruptible

I – Incorruptible —> Looking at this world, I see corruption every where.  If enough money is offered, enough pressure exerted, men buckle and their “principles” become little more than old-fashioned thoughts.  

A corruptible seed was passed down from Adam and Eve to each of us.  Our thoughts, our intents, even our very bodies are corrupted. We are selfish, arrogant, disease ridden people.  And none, until the birth of Jesus, had ever walked this earth with incorruptible feet. 


Imagine a faithful friend whose character, whose nature, can’t be swayed.  He always does what is right and no one has any power over him to cause corruption to even be a thought.  That’s our Jesus.

Incorruptible is another one of those words that is difficult to translate into English because it’s meaning is two fold.  Unable to be corrupted and unable to perish or be destroyed.  Again, that’s our Jesus.  

Not only is Jesus the incorruptible and imperishable seed, but He offers to implant that seed in us.  He desires to see it grow as we seek to follow Him daily.  He wants to transform us.  

Why do we celebrate His coming as a baby?  Many great men were born before Jesus and many followed after.  But, only baby Jesus was born incorruptible with His purpose fixed.  And, His purpose remains, as imperishable as He, to draw men to Himself and give eternal, imperishable, incorruptible life to all who believe.

~ Regina

 I Peter 1:22-25, 1 Jn. 3:7-10 


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