K is for King

K – King —> The Jewish people were looking for a king.  They wanted the glory of Israel to rise.  They wanted their independence.  They wanted freedom.  It was the dream of a nation.


Promises of a coming king fill the Old Testament. But, the people of Jesus’ day had twisted the coming of Messiah to meet their expectations and their perceived needs.  Isaiah 53 clearly revealed that the Righteous One would suffer for us.  Not exactly the picture of the triumphant king most Jews longed for.

Messiah was expected to be a king.  The term means Anointed One and the title was clear in their minds. Christ, the greek word for Messiah, was understood by the people as one chosen by God, anointed by God, to be king.  With all the Scripture, all the prophecies, all the imagery, still most of the people missed seeing their king. 

Those in leadership in Israel seemed surprised when a group of foreign dignitaries, wisemen from the East, showed up asking about the birth of the King.  I’m sure the wisemen’s discovery of the Child in Bethlehem didn’t fit their expectation of royalty, but they set aside their ideas and worshipped Him as King.

As I reflect on the person of Christ this Christmas, I want to lay aside my assumptions. I want to rid myself of who I think God ought to be and what I think He should do.  Rather, I want to let God reveal Himself to me through His word.  I want to know my King as He is, not the image I have made of Him.

~ Regina

Is. 53, Rev. 19:16, Is. 9:6-7,  Mt. 2:1-12


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