M is for Mercy

M – Mercy —> As a man, Jesus walked the roads of Israel and often heard these words, “Have mercy on me.”  Mercy was exactly what Jesus came to give, not just temporary relief of illness, but mercy great enough to forgive all past, all future wrongs, for all of humanity.  


Moses was instructed to build a place of worship, the tabernacle, for the children of Israel.  Because of sin and lack of faith, they would be a wandering people for forty years.  God gave a place to worship and placed a special covering called the Mercy Seat to represent His presence, His forgiveness of sins, His voice to the people.  This seat was placed on top of the ark of the covenant which held various items including the tablets of stone bearing God’s commands.  Every year on the day of Atonement, the high priest would enter this holy place and sprinkle blood on the mercy seat.  The condemnation for breaking God’s laws was removed, forgiveness offered, and mercy covered the people once again.

The original word for Mercy Seat carried the connotation of sin removal, a propitiation. In the old testament system, people would go to the tabernacle and this seat to obtain mercy.  When Jesus entered the world, He became the Mercy Seat.  He embodied all the meaning of that original covering.  He, and He alone, is able to grant mercy and forgiveness of sins.


Recognizing our need for mercy, Jesus, the Mercy-Giver, came.  Even now, He waits to hear us calling out, “Have mercy on me.”

~ Regina

Ex. 25:21-22, Lev. 16:2, 11-19, I Jn. 2:1-2, Heb. 9:1-15


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