N is for Nations

N – Nations —> Israel’s Messiah was coming into the world for the world.  His redemptive work wouldn’t be confined to the borders of one nation.


The first recorded foreigners to see the Hope of the Nations were the wisemen.  Even in their foreign culture, stories of His coming had been passed down and they were searching the skies for signs of his birth.  Before Jesus left his disciples, He commanded them to go to the nations and make disciples. 

What an amazing hope we have in Jesus Christ.  Not just anointed by God to be salvation for the Jews, but prepared to take on the sins of the world and to redeem all of mankind back to Himself.  He truly is the Hope of the Nations. 

~ Regina

Gen 12:3, 18:18, 28:14, Is. 49:6, I Chron. 16:23-24, Ps. 22:27, Ps. 86:9, Ps. 96:3, Is. 52:10, Lk. 2:31-32, Mt. 28:19, Jn. 17:23, Rev. 7:9, 15:4

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