O is for Obedient

O – Obedient—> The birth of Christ is surrounded by people who choose to be obedient to God rather than follow their own desires.  People who lived ordinary lives, who had nothing that would bring attention to themselves.  Yet, God chose these men and women for extraordinary purposes.

Mary wasn’t hailed as the Mother of God during her day. There was no angelic halo distinguishing her from other women.  More likely, there were whispers of inappropriate behavior on her part.  Snickering and knowing glances from women who saw her swelling belly.  But, Mary lived a life of faith and obedience.  She chose to follow God’s leading in her life even though it made her a target of shame.

Joseph was a man who longed to do what was right.  He could have had Mary stoned and disgraced, but he had to determined a better path. His decision was to put Mary somewhere safe, somewhere secret.  When the angel appeared to him, Joseph willingly gave up his idea and accepted the plans of his Heavenly Father.  His life would be turned upside down.  He would have to live in Egypt for a short time to protect his young family.  He would raise the Son of God to manhood in a human body.  He would accept ridicule and gossip concerning his family.

Joseph and Mary were not people the world would choose to parent the Messiah.  But, thank goodness, God always looks at the heart, not what mere eyes can see.  Joseph was considered a righteous man and his heart was willing to obey, even when circumstances were beyond his control or even his understanding.  Mary, too, was just a simple girl but her life was filled with faith in her Father and obedience to His call. Were they perfect? No, they were human and in need of a Savior just like me.

But, the lives of Joseph and Mary cause me to consider my own life.  Am I living a life of extraordinary faith and obedience?  Am I more concerned about my wants, my desires than God’s plan?  If I had been a young woman or young man during those days, would God have chosen me to parent His Son?  Do I truly believe Christ when He says, “If you love me keep my commandments?” 

~ Regina

Mt.1:18-25, Mt. 2:13-23, Luke 1:26-38, Jn. 14:15


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