Q is for Quiet

Q – Quiet —> “Silent night, Holy night, all is calm…” The night Jesus was born probably did start out as a calm, normal night.  Angels would interrupt the quiet with a mind-blowing announcement complete with lights and music.  Shepherds rushed through the streets of Bethlehem to find the Messiah lying in a manger and they left telling the good news of His birth throughout the town. 

Our own Christmas celebrations are often marked by busyness, excitement, and noise.  Quiet just doesn’t seem to fit with our modern celebrations.


The psalmist wrote, “Be still and know that I am God.” When I look at the Christmas story, I see people engaged in life.  Joseph, shepherds, wisemen all living life, all doing their work, but all willing to engage God in the quietness of their own hearts.  Surely, Mary was overwhelmed by the shepherds visit.  She’d just given birth in a less than desirable location and a bunch of strangers came to visit.  Yet, she took time to treasure all that was happening and think of them in her heart.

In the midst of preparing for our celebration, I want to take time to reflect quietly and listen for God’s voice.  Maybe it is quiet moments “stolen” throughout a busy day.  Maybe it is early morning solitude or prayer time driving to work.  I want to quiet my heart and my mind even as I celebrate and share the great news that Jesus is born.

~ Regina

Ps. 46:10, Luke 2:1-20


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