T is for Trustworthy

T – Trustworthy—> In a world where promises are often broken, cheating is a way of life, and personal needs are considered more important than personal character finding something or someone trustworthy is like discovering a rare jewel or buried treasure. 


Trust is built from experience. From eternity past, God has always proven Himself worthy of trust.  He always keeps His word.  His character is never changing.  He does what is best for us.  

Christ coming as a baby demonstrated, once again, God’s trustworthiness.  The promise to pay the debt our sin has incurred was fulfilled.  The Promised One arrived and demonstrated His Oneness with the Father so we know we can trust Him, too.

We can trust Jesus to always keep His word and never abandon us.  There is comfort, there is peace, there is joy in knowing our relationship with God is secure.  Jesus blood was enough.   Confidence comes when the object of our trust is worthy.  I am confident that Jesus is able to accomplish all that He says He will do.

As I celebrate Christmas, I also celebrate knowing I have a Savior who will never fail. Worthy of all my trust and all my praise.

~ Regina

Ps. 22:4-5, II TIm. 1:12, I Tim. 4:9-10, Ps. 19:7


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