U is for Unequalled

U – Unequalled —> If I’m not careful, I find myself playing the comparison game with others. “Look at how they communicate.”  “I wish I was as capable as she is.”  “Did you see how their kids listen?”  We compare clothes, cars, wealth, style, orderliness, family, personality, looks, and any other perceived weak area in our lives.  As humans, there will always be another person who is stronger, faster, leaner, etc. Perfection is something we long for.  But, outside of God’s unequalled greatness, we always fall short.


Great is the Lord and worthy of praise.  Knowing this, believing this, acting on this truth creates strength in the hearts of the weak.  It lets me view myself as God views me.  Yes, I am sinner in need of grace. Grace came through Christ and His blood covers me, making me righteous (not perfect…yet).

I love Mary’s statement concerning God’s greatness.  Her life had just turned upside down.  She was unmarried, pregnant, and yet she proclaimed God’s goodness and His deeds as unequalled to any other. She recognized who she was, a humble bondslave, in relation to who God is, mighty, eternal, merciful.  There is none like Him and yet He cares for us.

Fear is swept away when we truly understand that no one comes close to being God’s equal, in any thing.  His goodness, His grace, His love, His power, His forgiveness…all of it is unequalled.  Our own imperfections no longer hold us captive, but become examples of God’s grace and forgiveness.  Because His strength flows through us, we can accomplish any task He gives us.  

This Christmas, let’s remember that God came demonstrating love beyond our comprehension.  He offered forgiveness to cover the rebellion in our hearts toward Him.  He took our sins on Himself and offered His righteousness in exchange.  He strengthens us, gives us purpose, adopts us into His family, and is preparing a home for us for all eternity.  I’m thankful for an Unequalled God who offers all this to us.

~ Regina

Is. 40:26, Jer. 32:17, Lam. 3:22, I Pet. 1:3, Ps. 136:4, Is. 55:9, Lk. 1:46-55


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