V is for Veiled

V – Veiled —> Perhaps the greatest example of humility was when Jesus put on the garment of humanity.  The One who was from the beginning, Creator of all things, Everlasting, confining Himself in a created, fleshy body. The plan of redemption was being carried out on Christmas morning. He willingly and joyfully took on flesh allowing His creation to mock Him, to reject Him.  He choose to veil Himself, cover Himself, in flesh for us.  He cried, laughed, ate, slept, experienced fatigue, heartache, and joy, yet He remained God.
My brain can’t comprehend it.  The genie in Aladdin probably said it best, “ULTIMATE COSMIC POWER…itty, bitty living space.”  (Yes, I know the genie wasn’t referring to Jesus, but the quote fits.)  The why of His coming isn’t a great mystery.  He came to deliver us.  He identified with our weaknesses so that we could find help in our time of need.  He gave us an example of how we ought to live.  He provided a new covenant.  

I understand the why and I am forever thankful and grateful for it.  But still, it is beyond my understanding that He would love me so much as to confine Himself in space and time in a decaying body.  It is by faith, I believe.  

Little baby in a manger, draped in skin and bones. God demonstrating His love for us by placing Himself in a form we could feel, touch, and understand.  

~ Regina

Heb. 2:9-10, 14-18, Heb. 4:13-16, Heb. 9:15, 10:14, 19-25

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