W is for Worship

W – Worship —>  As believers we know who we worship and why.  But we often forget how we are to worship.  We see examples of worship in the Old Testament when men and women fell on the face before God.  Moses worshipped at the burning bush.  David worshipped through songs proclaiming the Father’s provision, His power, His mercy, His goodness.  Angels worshipped in the skies the night Jesus was born. Paul and Silas worshipped in prison.  Stephen worshipped as stones destroyed his body.  Jesus worshipped as He read Scriptures in the tabernacle and prayed in the wilderness.  
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God is seeking worshippers of Him.  The method isn’t as important as the heart.  Jesus tells us to “worship in spirit and in truth.”  Paul challenges us to worship by living a holy life.  David says to “enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.” 

Coming together with other believers to declare God’s faithfulness, to adore Him publicly, is only a small portion of true worship.  True worship comes from daily, quiet moments spent talking with our Savior.  Recognizing our need of Him and His ability to carry us through even the most difficult experience.  Those private meetings with our Father bring peace, comfort, and joy.  More importantly, these times give us real understanding of who God is.  And, from the knowledge of who He is, worship spills out.

Come let us worship the One and Only True God who delivers us and is the Giver of good things.

~ Regina

Jn. 4:23-24, Rom. 12:1, Ps. 114-118
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