Staying in the Word

One of the greatest disciplines you will ever develop as a follower of Christ is the habit of reading God’s Word. It is His letter to us. It reveals how we should live, how we should speak. In His Word, God reveals His plan of redemption, His love of man, and His expectations of His followers.


Many have a hard time sticking with their Bible reading. Distractions abound. We get busy. We forget. But, many just don’t know how to get started. It seems overwhelming to jump into a great big book full of difficult teachings and ancient stories.

I’d like to encourage you to just start. Don’t worry about understanding every little bit. Don’t worry about not being able to pronounce the big words. Just do it. We have this confidence that the Holy Spirit teaches us and that those who yearn to know God will find wisdom and understanding in His word.

To help there are some great reading plans available. Just print them out and keep them in your Bible. If you’re interested in taking this amazing step in growing closer to our Father, here is a link with several plans. If daily Bible reading is new to you, check out the 5x5x5 reading plan. It is a great place to start.

For those who struggle having a daily time alone with God, find others to hold you accountable. Let them ask you about what God has been teaching you (not just, “Did you do your Bible reading?”) Let them become your cheerleaders, your prayer partners, your challengers, and your encouragers. If you don’t struggle in this area, ask God to direct you to someone who needs accountability. Speak to them with grace and love and encourage them on their journey. Open up your heart to them and be willing to learn from those you meant to teach.

Looking forward to all that God will teach us through His word in this new year.

~ Regina


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