Mommy’s Sick Day

I got home last night and knew I was coming down with something. Yuck! Nothing is worse for than the primary teacher, taxi driver, aka Mom being stuck in bed. Yet, it looked like that is what my Wednesday would look like. I made some soup, curled up on the couch, and slept.

This morning, head hurting, throat burning, I stumbled to the couch. And there I have remained, coating my throat and feet with peppermint oil and canceling out of house activities for all my kids. Hanissa, who has huge anxiety whenever I get sick, hasn’t left my side, except with the promise that she could still watch me from the dining table. Her help hasn’t allowed me to sleep much, but I have dozed in between her, “Are you feeling better, Mommy?” and, “Look what I made for you, Mommy!”

Somehow, in the midst of feeling terrible, I came up with an idea that would keep Hanissa occupied for a whole 20 minutes. It’s the longest nap I’ve had all day. Her job was to draw pictures that told the story of this day. She needed something to keep her mind off of me and I needed the same thing.

After my twenty minutes of solitude, she woke me excited to share her story. I helped her a little with the words and tomorrow (if I’m feeling up to it) we’ll put it all into a book. Here’s our morning from Hanissa’s point of view.










Really? Who wouldn’t be happy with this much love being poured out? Thankful for the sweet ways each of my girls have loved on me and each other this day.

~ Regina

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